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UJI Emprèn On Social Projects: no-one goes without their daily ration

May 31, 2018 Espaitec

A social innovation project to standardise food donations in society

Today we begin the first of a series of posts to learn more about some of the projects that participate in the first edition of UJI Emprèn On Social. This programme is promoted by the  Increa Chair and espaitec in collaboration with Secot Castellón, whose objective is to generate a social entrepreneurship and technological setting at the  Universitat Jaume I based on considering ideas and solutions for society’s main challenges in the province of Castellón.

The aim of the project “No-one goes without their daily ration” or “Foodration4all” is to improve the current system to donate food and the social integration of disadvantaged people. This idea belongs to Kilian Zaragozá Mora, Andrea Lorenzo Chiva and José Vicente Villarroig Claramonte, three students of Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering at the Universitat Jaume I. Their idea came about after identifying that, nowadays, of every 10 Spaniards, three are at risk of social exclusion. “By taking this problem as a reference, that is, not enough food to cover the huge demand of eaters who attend social canteens daily, we decided to start this project. It is a social awareness project that favours disadvantaged people”, the promoters of this initiative indicate.

Through the UJI Emprèn On Social Programme, these students are defining a social entrepreneurship project about the daily task of donating and standardising food donations in society by making them grow exponentially so that social organisations have more quantities of required food. This they do through donations being made simply and quickly via emotional experiences with donors rather than actions. In this way people feel they are participating in the whole process that changes the quality of life of disadvantaged people by giving them the chance to personalise their aid. Follow this project on: Facebook // Twitter

The social entrepreneurship and technological programme of the Universitat Jaume I is supported by the Valencian Regional Council of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana and forms part of a series of actions promoted by espaitec to encourage entrepreneurship in the university community.