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We participate in the first Actiben de Benicarló events

Feb 08, 2018 Espaitec

Tomorrow Juan Antonio Bertolín will give a speech about “the possibilities of the industrial cluster in a local setting”

The Benicarló Town Council, in collaboration with the main entrepreneur and innovation stakeholders from the province of Castellón, organises the first Actiben event today and tomorrow. This is an encounter that addresses entrepreneurs, businesspeople and public organisations where financing, entrepreneurship and industry will be the leading features.

Among the main objectives of this first edition, these stand out: favouring the participation of socio-economic stakeholders in the economic activation of this town and its surrounding area; making known financing public and private possibilities to companies, the self-employed and entrepreneurs; creating a promotion instrument for those entrepreneurial projects that need to be made known and to contact commercial networks and possible strategic partners; making known all the initiatives taken at the Benicarló Town Council by analysing and assessing the results obtained from the Actiben Programme, and proposing improvement initiatives.

For this purpose, the Magatzem de la Mar facilities in the town of Benicarló will offer presentation areas, talks by local and national experts, round tables whose participants are experts and companies interested in each themes and area of the encounter to promote networking.

Click here actiben.com for all the information about the event and its programme.