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New workshop about communication and digital trends at Espaitec

Jun 07, 2018 Espaitec

Digital and technological trends: the present and future of marketing and communication for a digital society” is the title of the conference-workshop that Álex Rubio will give on 21 June at Espaitec

In recent years, the communication and marketing domain is changing at a giddy rate following a technological revolution, which has immersed society in a digital era of relations between users and brand names. Technology has multiplied the contact points between users and brand names by establishing new connections with a higher degree of profoundness, opportunity and creativity. At such a time, it is now more necessary than ever to look at the innovations, evolutions and integrations enabled by digital tools, but also at the way they combine with technology to become relevant agents to help companies be able to continue connecting with this ever-changing society.

To gain in-depth knowledge about the new situation and to better analyse how we can adapt to changes, Álex Rubio, the strategic digital planner of advertising and technological innovation, an  entrepreneur and the founder of several companies and events, will visit us on Thursday 21 June as a lecturer, a university teacher and writer. In his workshop, we will go over the current status of digital tools from a strategic viewpoint, and we will discover the specific points that technology can help brand names, companies and professionals to generate new interaction scenarios with their target audiences.

This training action will take place from 15:30h to 20:30h in the Multipurpose Hall in the Espaitec 2 building. This event is open to the whole business fabric in the province of Castellón, addresses both employed and self-employed professionals, and places special interest in the companies and personnel working in management, communication and marketing. This event is free of charge for Espaitec-linked companies and former Castellón Global Program students, and costs 25 euros for the university community and Alumni SAUJI premium, and 50 euros for anyone interested and not linked to Espaitec or the Universitat Jaume I (UJI). As seating is limited, registering for the event beforehand is compulsory using this registration form.

The schedule of this event in 10 points:

1.        From marketing to marketing 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0

2.        The target and new relations with brand names

3.        Digital reality and social keys

4.        Change in advertising and new methodology forms in advertising creativity

5.        A communication strategy for a digital society

6.        Today’s digital scenario

7.        Digital marketing trends

8.        Technology as a key factor of the marketing future

9.        Interaction with the user

10.     Practical work: devising a technology solution in communication

The speaker Álex Rubio

Álex Rubio is the Head of Planning at the Twelfhundred agency, which manages the digital strategy of brand names like Lacasitos, Ajuntament de Castelló, Tosfrit, Instituto Cervantes or EMT. It aligns brand names, companies and professionals with changing audiences. He is a part-time lecturer at the UJI in the Degree of Advertising and Public Relations, an international speaker at conferences and a TEDx Speaker. Since 2007 he has taught at more than 400 events held at universities, business schools and companies, and in many international conferences in Spain, the UK, Costa Rica, Venezuela or Colombia in the digital marketing and advertising strategy field. He is also the co-founder and speaker of Adictos Social Media, one of the Spanish-speaking pioneering digital marketing events, and a Brand Associate on the MapMakers platform.

He is the Ambassador at Hootsuite and the Creative Ambassador of Clandestina HUB Creativo Costa Rica. He reflects and investigates the impact that technology has on consumers, and on the advertising strategy needed to reach digital consumers, a theme he writes about in different media.