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Spanish Science and Technology Parks provide jobs to 170,000 people, of which 20% work in R&D

Jun 14, 2018 Espaitec

David Cabedo, the Assistant Vice-Rector of Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Universitat Jaume I, has been appointed as Vice-President of the APTE’s Executive Board.

The Second General Assembly of the Spanish National Assembly of Technology Parks s (APTE) took place this year yesterday. The event was held at the Barcelona Science Park where 40 representatives of APTE Park Members participated. During this assembly, the yearly statistical data about the activity of the organisations located in Spanish Science and Technology Parks were presented, which were most positive for 2017.

The APTE Park Members closed 2017 with 8,013 companies and organisations set up in their facilities, which is a 2.89% increase compared to 2016. Of all the companies, 345 have foreign capital, and 963 are incubation companies that were set up less than 3 years ago. The parks have 931 newly created organisations that have set up in their facilities.

Employment has also significantly improved as the number of workers in parks has increased by 4.95%, that is to say 169,337 workers, of whom 34,1631 specialise in R&D tasks, which is an almost 13% increase compared to 2016.

Companies’ turnover has also very significantly increased compared to the previous year, and reached 27,043 million euros, 3.72% up on 2016. In 2017 the parks accumulated an investment made in R&D of 1,072 million euros which has, however, lowered since 2016.

The production sectors ranking where parks accumulate more companies is still led by the ICT sector with 23.1% of companies, followed by the Engineering, Consultancy and Counselling sector with 19.2% and Health and Medicine sector with 6.1%.

During this assembly, the new Executive Board was elected, which faces the challenge of the role played by Science and Technology Parks as essential intermediate organisations for the Innovation System being recognised. Chaired by Felipe Romera, with Itziar Epalza as the first Vice-President, the new Executive Board includes several new Vice-Presidents, including David Cabedo, the present Assistant Vice-Rector of Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Universitat Jaume I.

For further information: www.apte.org