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Chatbots with artificial intelligence reach Espaitec through the link with the company SemanticBots

Apr 15, 2018 Espaitec

This company uses machine learning methods to develop chatbots with artificial intelligence

SemanticBots is another example of technology transfer between the university and society. This technology-based company has recently been linked to espaitec, and it came about thanks to the technology developed by a research group at the Universitat Jaume I. This company’s innovation consists in designing and developing chatbots-based chat platforms with artificial intelligence, and in capturing and analysing the data generated in chats using typical Big Data tools.

The idea came about from the need identified as users and seeing the chance to improve it. “We noticed that many companies have started attending their customers using messenger applications, and we realised how simple and natural it is for users to interact with companies by chat. At the same time, we analysed that the questions raised between the user and the chat are often repeated.
So we considered automating part of this communication to make information more accessible”, Hugo Ferrer tells us, the CEO of SemanticBots.

Apart form Hugo, the company is made up of a group of teachers and researchers linked to the  Universitat Jaume I, of whom Rafael Berlanga is highlighted, the head of the research group Temporal Knowledge Bases of the UJI, where the technology that forms of the basis of SemanticBots came about. Victoria Nebot, María Pérez and Ismael Sanz are the other team members, who all specialise in analysing semantics webs and in processing texts and data.

The company’s innovation lies in its use of machine learning methods, which allow the chatbot to know users and to personalise conversations by always concentrating on their tastes and interests.  “The systems developed by SemanticBots can be implemented into webs, apps or messenger platforms. We offer companies an instant, accessible and personalised communication channel, which also allows improvements to response times, and to cut customer management costs and collect value data for marketing and communication actions because one of our product’s added value is that it later analyses chats that then become Big Data for the company”, concludes Hugo Ferrer.

Video to introduce the company: https://youtu.be/rZL8NR0tAXw

The company’s website:  www.semanticbots.com