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The Belgian company I-Care, which develops predictive technologies, sets up in Espaitec 2

Oct 05, 2018 Espaitec

Founded by entrepreneur Fabrice Brion, I-Care came about in the Belgian city of Mons after analysing the potential that predictive analyses had on Industry 4.0. This firm offers predictive maintenance services; that is, analysing industrial equipment and machinery to keep ahead of possible failures, and by making considerable savings for its customers by specialised services, such as planning, reliability and cost optimisation.

This company is an international leader in predictive maintenance and reliability, and can cover any kind of industry through various technologies, such as vibration, lubrication, infrareds or thermography. It recently patented a product called Wi Care, a wireless vibration sensor in charge of periodically planning and obtaining measurements in industrial equipment, and of avoiding the risks of handling very dangerous machinery in facilities. This sensor loads all the information in the cloud and offers information about the facilities in real time from any place and with any device.

Computer engineer Jesús Ponce Hernández-Montaño formed part of the company’s head quarters in Belgium. When the company decided to open up in the Spanish market, Jesús did not hesitate to return home to the Universitat Jaume I. “In the Industry 4.0 era, we need to make the best of any business opportunity to develop any project and to work on innovating new products. To do so, we need to be quite clear that the key to success is collaboration. This is why Espaitec and the Universitat Jaume I had to be our place”, stated Jesús Ponce, who is in charge of the project in Spain.

Nowadays, the company has a vacancy for computer engineers, and would like to extend its work team in the near future by including highly qualified staff who went to the Universitat Jaume I, and to also work with research groups at this university from Castellón.

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