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The La Clau de la innovació debate about health

May 25, 2018 Espaitec

The importance of sharing medical data in a health folder was the main theme of this new format of disseminating the innovation that Espaitec promotes.

The first session of the debates series called La Clau de la Innovació (The Key of Innovation) was entitled “We are music. Life Commitment and Health Mapmaking”, the debate was about research and knowledge transfer, and subjects centred on a better way to transmit acquired knowledge and the advances made so that patients are more informed, with personalised efficient treatments available for all citizens.

The format used for this debate was peculiar as the event began by two pieces of music being played by cellos before moving on to a debate held in a different scenario that encouraged the participants to discuss the theme. The intention of such initiatives is to allow knowledge to reach all the representatives who form part of comprehensive healthcare, with cross-sectional information for scientists and professionals in medicine, and for patients and their families, who play a key role in seeking health as they are the main characters.

After a brief introduction, with some ideas considered like how attention is paid to health only when something goes wrong, the importance of conferring each term its concept, or empowering patients to make decisions when they are informed, a brief documentary was screened to support the ideas that the attendees mentioned.

Some of the ideas that the speakers noted were that patients’ role is still be defined and they need to be trained as professionals are. It was also stressed that those who seek information generally look for magic. The conclusion was that many hoaxes exist about the health theme. So it is important to attempt to create a health folder to be shared by all the Spanish Autonomous Communities, or even a European Health Folder. To do so, data need to be provided in a controlled and legal manner. Therefore if such a folder is created, citizens will have a reliable site to turn to where they can be informed about health. Rigorously providing reliable information can allow collective awareness to be raised and can help change habits to improve the population’s health.

Finally, a brief time was spent on a debate held between the public and the participants about their points of view. Afterwards participants and attendees could talk in a relaxed manner over a brief buffet.