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The “Research and responsible innovation (RRI) keys and opportunities for entrepreneurs” event

Jul 30, 2018 Espaitec

This is a practical workshop that makes known research and responsible innovation (RRI) concept and the benefits of applying this R&D&I model to SMEs and recently created companies.

The objective of the Research and Responsible Innovation (RRI) concept is to bridge the gap between the scientific community and society to align research processes and their results with the values, requirements and expectations of today’s society. To achieve this, EU policies focus on encouraging cooperation with all involved stakeholders: the scientific community, the educational community, the business sector, the industrial sector and those in charge of policies. Nowadays, RRI has become a cross-sectional requirement in EU science and technology policies.

Given the objective of making known the RRI concept and learning to incorporate it daily into SMEs and recently formed companies, the Vice-Rectorate of Research and Transfer at the Universitat Jaume I, through the Science Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i), will hold a practical workshop at Espaitec for the companies linked to and set up in Espaitec. The working session will be given from 11 September from 16-18h in the Espaitec 1 building  by Rosana Sanahuja and Alicia Andrés, journalists and researchers in the RRI domain. Participation is free, but anyone interested must previously register using this online form before Monday 10 September.

Thanks to this training workshop, the participating companies will know the benefits of applying an RRI approach, where a better alignment of research and innovation processes and their outcomes with society’s demands and requirements is stressed given their consideration based on participation and dialogue with groups of interest. Their international relevance will also be outlined, especially for companies to participate in calls for European projects as this is one of the priorities defined by the EU.

It is noteworthy that the companies participating in this training session will have the chance to form part of a pilot experience in which RRI will be practically applied to the business domain that best matches the profile of the participating organisations. Deliberation and participation actions will be performed with different groups of interest, like society, researchers, administration, etc., with which discussion groups and open debate tables will be held to determine the expectations of these publics and to better adjust companies’ research and innovation processes to a greater extent.

This action forms part of the project «Towards responsible innovation: science parks as the driver of change», supported by the Regional Valencia Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana.

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