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Experts in education and the Internet debate about the impact that mobile phones have on minors

Sep 08, 2017 Espaitec

Cuatroochenta organides the series of #EnModoAvión talks at the El Menador Centre of Castellón, in collaboration with the UJI, to promote intelligent technology use.

What is the formula for a mobile phone to be at my service and not the opposite?; when and how do we present the use of smartphones and tablets to our children?; are we actually «hooked» on our mobiles? Such questions, which worry mothers, fathers, educators and society as a whole, are tackled in a new series of #EnModoAvión talks that are organised and promoted by Cuatroochenta, in collaboration with the Universitat Jaume I, to promote an intelligent and responsible use of new technologies. The first of the talks will be held at 17:30h on Wednesday 27 September at the El Menador Espai Cultural Centre of Castellón, and will be entitled «Los nativos digitales no existen (Digital natives do not exist)». In this talk, the authors of the book with the same title, and reference university experts in education and the Internet in Spain, will participate.

Jordi Adell, a teacher of Educational Technology at the UJI, and the coordinators of the book Los nativos digitales no existenSusana Lluna and Javier Pedreira ‘Wicho’, will intervene, along with other authors and researchers like Claudia Dans, Jordi Martí and Francesc Esteve, in an open debate that will analyse the relation between children and adolescents with mobile devices by favouring ideas being exchanged and the involvement of all the main implicated figures in a relaxed atmosphere. It is intended to be done “in the flight mode” so that the public pays 100% attention as the talks will be recorded as videos and will later be diffused free of charge.

The first talk addresses mothers and fathers, Primary and Secondary Education teachers, and even minors themselves, and entrances are free for everyone. Anyone interested can book on the talks website  #EnModoAvión, which is limited to 80 people. This series of talks, which will be held 3-monthly, will address specific audiences and different professional areas on forthcoming dates.

The book that has stirred debate

Los-nativos-digitales-no-existen-libroThe #EnModoAvión talk, which will commence on 27 September at the El Menador Centre of Castellón, is inspired by «Los nativos digitales no existen»(Deusto Ediciones, 2017), a book that contains a collection of articles which has become a genuine phenomenon in the last year, and which focuses on education and digital competences as opposed to the –quite widespread- idea that learning technology is innate or spontaneous in new generations. As many mothers and fathers realise every day, the fact that children of very young ages know how to use the interface of mobile devices does not mean that they know how their tools really work, how their data are used, how to build their digital identity, how to protect their privacy or how to know the “for free” concept on the Internet.

Cuatroochenta has explained that «it seems a very important theme to us and one that we are concerned about. We work to develop apps that are conceived and designed to make the lives of users easier, to respond to their needs and to solve their problems, but to also draw their attention through mobile phones. We are concerned about this and we decided to promote, as far as we are able to, a more human and intelligent relation between people and technology to at least favour serious and rigorous reflection».