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The “Sales Theatre” training experience

Oct 06, 2017 Espaitec

With this training action, we land business projects by specifying sales arguments and optimising commercial skills.

Sales are the driving force behind any business, and we forget only too often that if any company does not sell, no matter what the critical time it is going through, it ends up disappearing. Sales are a company’s main source of income. Even start-ups that seek financing have to demonstrate that, after overcoming certain phases, their idea will become a real business because their product-service will be appealing to certain types of customers, so it will be sold. To reinforce the sales skills of the companies physically located at and linked to espaitec, we organised this new training experience led by Pepe Crespo, the Director Partner of Prionomy top-management marketing.

The general objective of such action is to optimise the commercial capacity of human teams and to promote their analysis, synthesis, prioritisation and communication competences to increase sales. What is specifically learnt is to detect and correct possible personal beliefs that make the sales capacity difficult; identifying and correcting possible business development problems that complicate the sales capacity, and free the commercial capacity from inhibitions and train in it.

Training will take place in the espaitec 1 building, will last 10 hours and will be divided as follows: Thursday 19 October from 15:30h to 19:30h and Friday 20 October from 08:30h to 14:30h. Attendance is free and exclusive for espaitec-linked companies. A maximum of two people per company is recommended with profiles from areas like sales management, sales, marketing and communication. To participate, it is necessary to register beforehand using this FORM.


Contents will be distributed as follows:

•           Strategic explanation (3 hours). A shared reflection session to explain the commercial strategy of each project

•           Sales pitch (3 hours). A session to examine in detail shopping motivation and deterrent factors to determine the key messages of sales dialogue

•           Sales simulations (3 hours). Recorded sessions to optimise commercial activity with customers with all its aspects

•           Presenting the results (1 hour). A final summary of what has been experienced and the implementation plan


Training will last 10 hours. During this time work will be done directly on the commercial activity of own business projects using collective and collaborative intelligence techniques by following an evolving learning process, namely “learning by doing”, which is eminently practical, personalised and makes the most of all the participating projects. This experience-based methodology is followed in which, with the help of specialised teachers and a defined conceptual framework, the student-participant tests the sales process of his/her service product by working directly on reflection, action and leadership competences. Students’ work is continuously tutored proactively.

This training action follows a series of exclusive actions for espaitec-linked companies, which took place in the last 4-month period of 2017. These actions reinforce the feeling of belonging to espaitec and promote companies’ growth through networking. It is financed by the Regional Valencian Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana.