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The Ethereal Design study, promoted by a former UJI female student, has set up as an Espaitec’s coworking company

Jul 25, 2018 Espaitec

For Alumni SAUJI Mari Carmen Pérez Soldevila, being an entrepreneur at Espaitec is «like going back home»

Ever since a girl, Mari Carmen Pérez Soldevila wanted to be a designer. So when knew her university entry mark, she did not doubt to register for the first technical engineering in design promotions at the Universitat Jaume I. After her 20-year professional career working in different sized companies from several sectors, some months ago she decided to become an entrepreneur and created Ethereal Design, a study that came about to meet the design and interior decoration needs of an ever competitive market.

When looking for a reference point for support while shaping her business project, Mari Carmen Pérez contacted SECOT Castellón and, thanks to the advice given by its mentor Vicente Nebot, she decided to go back to where she started as a student, to the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), which is how she started at Espaitec as a co-worker by returning to what she considers home.  «The UJI is the university where I studied my career, where I have fond memories. So my interest in entering Espaitec is partly related with these good vibrations the UJI transmits, where I trained to be a technical engineer. I was lucky enough to know students and teachers who I fondly remember professionally and personally», she stated. «I consider Espaitec the perfect place to continue acquiring knowledge, to set new objectives and to approach new technologies», the former UJI student added.

Ethereal is a study that offers mainly design services and creates business spaces: showrooms, trade fair stands, etc.  She also works on product design, renders, 3D viewing or graphic design. All of this has centred on nearby companies or the ceramics sector, and also marketing and communication agencies, metal and carpentry producers, architects and individuals. «Our way of working is to centre on contributing, renovating and innovating the design concept of spaces in SMEs, which cannot compete because they lack this service, or supporting large companies which, given their heavy workload, cannot meet the objectives they wish», she explains.

Nowadays, her company uses 3D viewing technologies to offer its services. As part of its projects to continue innovating and growing, she wishes to start implementing augmented reality viewing to present its projects, and to include enviro-friendly materials in its furnishing designs.

As an Espaitec coworking company, Ethereal is interested in collaborating with other Espaitec-linked companies in areas like marketing and communication to jointly develop projects; with companies from the audiovisual and computing area where there are excellent creative and innovative possibilities; to offer her experience and services to expanding companies.

Video that presents the company