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An Espaitec breakfast. How to get customers involved in your product/service design

Sep 27, 2018 Espaitec

Social networks have transformed the way brand names communicate with their customers because now both parties maintain open participative dialogues that mutually benefit both. This new way of “doing” has reached other company areas as customers are no longer mere spectators in the process of creating goods and services, but wish to play the role of co-creators by having an active influence from the idea and initial design to the creation process and production of goods. In exchange, and at no cost, customers offer extremely valuable feedback to the company, which can adjust its offer to real needs, and can facilitate responsible research and innovation.

This aim of the breakfast entitled, “How to get customers involved in your product/service design”, is to provide those attending with a series of mechanisms that allow them to develop innovation by getting customers involved in the process.  At the end, the participants will know about the tools available to improve the impact of developed products and services on the market, thanks to customers/users getting involved in the processes that define, design, implement and test new products and services.

The Breakfast Agenda:

08:30–08:45h     Companies arrive, coffee and introducing who is who.

08:45–09:30h     Talk: “How to get customers involved in your product/service design”

09:30–10:30h     Visiting inquiry sessions at Espaitec: solve your business co-creation doubts

Contents of the talk

1.        What does including customers in the process to design/develop/test our product and/or service involve? Advantages and risks

2.        The Co-Creation Concept beyond the typical “Test-Bed”

3.        Results of the impact of using co-creation mechanisms in the company’s business  model

4.        Methodologies to include customers in processes: examples and adaptation to real cases

5.        Financial aid to develop “user-driven” products: CDTI and CPI How much might it cost to set up a co-creation project like the “livinglab”?

6.        How do we begin?

A free exclusive event for Espaitec companies and the Castellón Global Program. Anyone interested must register beforehand here.