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Biótica organises the “Legionella in 1 hour event: the IMS technique” at the Cartuja Science Park in Seville

Jun 18, 2018 Espaitec

On Wednesday 13 June, the “Legionella in 1 hour event: the IMS technique” was held to present real examples of professionally applying the advanced analytical immunomagnetic separation (IMS) technique to prevent Legionnaire’s disease. These examples demonstrated a rapid method’s usefulness to detect Legionella in public/private laboratories: Legipid® Legionella Fast Detection was presented to those who attended the workshop held later. This event, organised by the company Biótica Bioquímica Analítica located at the Espaitec Park, was held in the Assembly Room of the Cartuja Science and Technology Park at the Tecno-Incubadora Marie Curie in Seville.

The event was opened by Antonio Sánchez Tosina, who heads the General Management of Public Health and Animal Protection that depends on the Social Well-being and Employment Area in Seville. His turn was followed by speakers. Guillermo Rodríguez, the Scientific Manager of Biótica, came first and explained the benefits of using IMS technology in the rapid Legionella detection field. Next Sergi Martí, the President of AquaEspaña, explained Standard UNE100030:2017 and how it complements Spanish Royal Decree RD865/2003 in force, and stressed the sector’s efforts to obtain a reference standard, with contributions by Spanish Autonomous Communities, SESA and the Spanish Ministry of Health. This new standard contemplates rapid methods.

Third came Juan Carlos Montero from the Institute of Health Sciences in Talavera de la Reina, with details of the most successful strategies to apply the IMS method to overcome outbreaks. He is experienced and has renowned prestige as an environmental researcher in the professional use of rapid methods in public administrations. Next came Inma Solís, Head of Microbiology in Laboratorios Iproma. She has experience in accrediting the IMS method, and provided details about the studies and documents with which ENAC requirements are met in an orderly manner and in line with the applicable guides and regulations. Finally, Jesús Laso, the Managing Director of the Services for Quality Section, showed the interrelation between applicable documents and implementing alternative methods in laboratories according to ISO 17025, whose performance in executing the method and being adapted to the foreseen purpose need demonstrating.

After a networking meal, Biótica’s workshop with Legipid® was given by Begoña Bedrina, where attendees greatly participated and saw the different steps of this rapid assay certified by AOAC-RI to quantify Legionella spp. The automated equipment that has resulted from a European project from the Horizon 2020 Programme (No. 726499) was also presented, and includes the process to prepare and test samples, and allows in situ Legionella spp analyses in buildings, industries, swimming pools and other at-risk places.

To end the event, Mireia Lázaro, the Sales Director of Biótica and the moderator during the event, summarised the scope and achievements made using Legipid®, and encouraged the audience to enthusiastically start using rapid techniques.