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Biótica analyses the impact of Legionnaire’s Disease on the ceramics sector in Vila-real

Oct 03, 2018 Espaitec

Biótica is the biotechnology company in the Espaitec 2 building linked to Grupo Gimeno that has held a successful event on preventing and controlling Legionnaire’s Disease in the ceramics sector, along with the ‘Ciutat de Vila-real’ Ceramic Innovation Chair, the Spanish Association of Ceramic Technicians (ATC, in Spanish) and the Vila-real Town Council. The objective of this event, which took place last Tuesday in the ‘Coneixement’ University Library of Vila-real, was to analyse the new UNE Standard 100030:2017 on the prevention and control of Legionella proliferating and spreading in installations”, and to also present the main ways to act to fight this bacterium.

This event emphasised the usefulness of this new legislation, how it complements the Royal Decree currently in force, RD865/2003 on Legionella, and stressed the efforts the sector is making to obtain a reference standard with contributions made from different Spanish Autonomous Communities, SESA (the Spanish Society of Environmental Health) and the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Of all the possible ways to control and act when this bacterium proliferates, the experts pointed out the efficient use of rapid certified techniques, such as Legipid®, the immunomagnetic separation test used to detect Legionella developed by Biótica.  This is a key tool if we bear in mind that this bacterium can grow in installations much more quickly than it takes to run culture assays, which is today an intrinsic limitation for this testing method.

This event brought together professionals from the public and private sectors, and was opened by the Mayor of Vila-real, José Benlloch, in which professionals in the matter participated: Carlos Ferrer, the General Director of IPROMA, a test lab company that provides technical counselling on the natural environment and industrial hygiene; Sergi Martí, the Chair of AquaEspaña and the GT 12 Coordinator of the 100 Technical Committee of AENOR; Cristina Ferrer, head of the Department of Operations and Maintenance at SITRA, a company that specialises in the complete industrial water cycle.

This professional event provided the ceramics sector an up-to-date vision of smart management for preventing and controlling Legionella in installations, and indicated that a multidisciplinary competent sector exists that is capable of devising plans to efficiently prevent and control Legionella.