Legal Statement

1.- Ownership of Portal.

In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 June, on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform that the owner of the website “” (referred to henceforth as THE WEB) is the organisation known as the Fundació General de la Universitat Jaume I (the General Universitat Jaume I Foundation, referred to henceforth as FUGEN), with tax no. G12741088, and whose permanent address is Av. Sos Baynat, S/N (EDIFICIO ESPAITEC 1), Castellón de la Plana (Spain), with email address:

FUGEN is registered in the Register of Foundations of the Valencian Community (Spain) with number 79 C.

FUGEN offers counselling and management services, among others, to businesses and businesspeople in the technology sector. The services it offers can be consulted in detail in the “SERVICES AND INFRASTRUCTURES” section of THE WEB.

2.- Copyright and image rights.

2.1.- Web Contents.

All THE WEB contents (texts, images, photographs, logos, source codes, selection and way of presenting the materials on it, and their structure and design) are subject to the copyrights that belong to the owner of THE WEB, or its use is authorised by its owners. Thus under no circumstances shall the total or partial reproduction, public communication, modification, transformation, copy, distribution, or any other form of exploitation and manipulation, of these elements be allowed. No USER shall be able to carry out such actions without receiving permission in writing from FUGEN, or the owners of these rights, beforehand.

Moreover, some photographs of the owners that appear on THE WEB are protected by image rights, and it is absolutely forbidden to copy these images, unless expressly authorised in writing by the owners of these images and by FUGEN.

2.2.- Contents contributed by users

All the information that THE USER transmits to THE WEB by means of both the forms available for this purpose, and attached e-documents, shall be confidentially processed by FUGEN for the sole purpose of counselling him/her about its project.

The information contained in the attached documents should be free of personal data about third parties. Before facilitating the personal data for which the user is responsible, (s)he should contact FUGEN to sign a data treatment contract that complies with the legislation in force on such matters.

3.- Privacy Policy.

In compliance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on personal data protection, FUGEN informs that the data that it receives via electronic mail or through the questionnaires that THE WEB contains to request information or to register for any of the events that FUGEN organises shall be included in mixed files under FUGEN’s responsibility for which FUGEN can attend to the inquiries it received, and to manage the attendance to, and organisation of, these events. These files shall be duly registered in the General Data Protection Register.

To facilitate personal data by electronic mail or by filling in the questionnaires that THE WEB contains, THE USER consents them being processed for the indicated purposes. On forms, the fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory, while all the other fields need not be completed. If THE USER does not wish to facilitate any of the data marked with an asterisk, (s)he should refrain from filling in and sending the form/s.

If FUGEN organises an event in collaboration with another organisation, registration shall imply including the data facilitated by THE USER during this process in the files of both the involved organisations.

FUGEN informs that users can exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose by writing to its permanent address in the city of Castellón indicated above, specifically to the Person in Charge of Security by clearly expressing their desire with a copy of their National Identification Number, or of any other valid and legal document that accredits their identity, and by specifying their address to be notified, which must be dated and signed and, if necessary, must be accompanied by documents that justify or accredit the expressed request. If users prefer, they can exercise the above-mentioned rights by sending a request to and, if necessary, by attaching the required documents as e-documents.

4.- Cookies Policy.

What are cookies? A cookie is a file that is downloaded in your computer when accessing certain websites. Among other things, cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about your browsing habits or about your computer equipment and, depending on the information that they contain and the way you use your computer, cookies can be used to recognise you as a given user.

Cookies allow a website to recognise your browser, which means that they are generally used to remember the options you have chosen as a USER of THE WEB (e.g., remember the language you browse in), or to recognise the users that frequent the website. Any USER can modify or reject a cookie. If the USER rejects a cookie, FUGEN warns that the speed and quality of the service can diminish.

THE WEB uses the Google Analytics application to obtain and analyse browsing information. You can obtain information about this application via the following links:

This application has been developed by Google, which offers the service of analysing any visits made to THE WEB. This company can use these data to improve its own services and to offer services to other companies. You can learn about these other uses by clicking on the above links.

This tool does not allow us to obtain data of the names and surnames of users, nor about the addresses from where they connect. The obtained information is related with, for instance, the number of websites visited, the language, the city to which the IP address is assigned from where users connect, the number of users who visit THE WEB, the frequency and repetition of visits, the time visits last, the browser they use, and the operator or type of computer they use for the visit.

We use this information to improve our page, to detect new requirements and to assess improvements in order to offer the users who visit us a better service.

To allow, know, block or remove the cookies installed in your equipment, you can do so by configuring the browser options you have installed.

For example, you can find information about how to do this using the links below depending on the browser you use:





5.- Disclaimer scope.

FUGEN is not responsible for THE USER’S incorrect use of THE WEB contents, and reserves the right to update, modify, maintain, eliminate or prevent access to any content that appears on THE WEB, or to close it with no prior notification.

FUGEN shall not be held responsible for the possible harm or damage that may stem from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the way this electronic system operates due to causes beyond its control; e.g., delays or obstruction of using the present electronic system due to telephone lines being deficient or overloaded, the Internet system or other electronic systems, as well as damage that may be caused by third parties through illegal interferences that are beyond FUGEN’s control.

6.- Communications with THE USER.

For any necessary communication between FUGEN and USERs, users should send an email to, or by post to the addresses indicated at the top.

Communications from FUGEN to THE USER shall be made according to the data that THE USER records on THE WEB, or if applicable, to the address that appears in the last written communication sent by THE USER.

THE USER shall expressly accept all communications related about using THE WEB, and/or delivering the services offered on it by using email as a valid communication means to send these communications. It shall also accept the ads posted directly on THE WEB as a valid form of communication.

7.- Applicable legislation

Any relationships established between FUGEN and THE USER over THE WEB shall be submitted to Spanish legislation, save in those assumed cases in which, as a USER, other more advantageous and compulsory provisions apply to THE USER.