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Students of the Master degree in Marketing and Market Research visit the company Zeus Vision at Espaitec

Apr 10, 2018 Espaitec

Jose Luis Callarisa, the Director of the Master degree in Marketing and Market Research of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), has transferred one of his final classes to the showroom that the company Zeus Vision has set up in the espaitec 1 building to allow UJI students to know the Smart Visual Data philosophy.

During the visit, Ximo González, the digital consultant from this company that is revolutionising the way data are understood in firms, gave them the chance to see how future companies will manage the most relevant decision making. Smart Visual Data is a new changing concept applied to large-sized companies, like Banco Santander or Airbus. It consists in completing Big Data evolution by including a philosophy of humanising, understanding and simplifying important information and connecting it to all a company’s departments.

Apart from its operations centre in the city of Valencia, Zeus Vision also has a small centre at espaitec. This company has developed a new balanced scorecard concept based on real-time data collection. It designs personalised panels that allow companies’ most important data to be controlled on a single screen. Given its innovation, other UJI departments, like the Master in Big Data, have also shown interest in this new philosophy to obtain, process and use data. If you wish to join the Smart Visual Data world or know a bit more about this philosophy, here’s a video: