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Tampere University students undertake their entrepreneur project at Espaitec

Oct 10, 2017 Espaitec

This training and mentoring action forms part of the end phase of the European NetMIB Project, the Network of Multidisciplinary Ideation and Business Model Generation.

The NetMIB Project, the Network of Multidisciplinary Ideation and Business Model Generation, intends to develop a work frame to generate ideas and business models in incubation phases at universities. After almost 2 years of work, the project is in its final stage, which consists in putting into practice the methodology developed by mentoring the business ideas put forward by students from the participating universities.

David Gómez Domingo, who studies the twin degree of Computational Mathematics and Computer Engineering at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castellón, is on a stay at Pécs University in Hungary. Since he arrived at the beginning of September, he has been developing his business idea, namely “Tiiimecash”, which consists in a computer application to facilitate the supply and demand of small services, compensated by exchanging tokens for money.

Alumnos-NetMIB-EspaitecThe General Universitat Jaume I Foundation is involved by Espaitec hosting two Tampere University students from Finland. They are both receiving support to develop their respective business ideas from espaitec and UJI teachers, who were trained in Finland in May this year.

Regarding the projects to be mentored, Finnish student Grischa Fraumann is working on a project entitled “RDI Consultancy”, which aims to support university researchers in their search for financing to carry out R&I projects. Renfei Zhou, the second student from the Finnish university, is working on the project known as “Branding solutions for enterprises under information age”, which consists in creating branding and advertising companies to make SMEs grow through social networks.

These projects are being shaped thanks to the virtual incubation platform for entrepreneurial students (, which has been created as part of the NetMIB Project with which the General Universidad Jaume I Foundation is associated.