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A free conference on global efficiency (GE) in industries and infrastructures

Conferences June 01. 2012

In June 2012, along with the virtual firm Mas Ingenieros and its partner, Opertek, we organised the Conference on Global Energy Efficiency in Industries and Infrastructures, a unique chance to learn about the usefulness of the Proficy Software Platform by using practical cases and by debating the information presented with users, integrators, engineers and those in charge of GE, by presenting real market data and practical cases of implementing Proficy Software solutions in infrastructures and industries. Here we offer you the presentations videos as consultation material. If you need more in-depth information about any of these presentations, send an email to espaitec@espaitec.uji.es- Conference Opening – Intervention by Dimichell González EE IP Operational Excellence- Presentation by Francisco García and José Mohedando Global Efficiency in infrastructures- Presentation by Antonio Mas and Gabriel Miravete Global Efficiency in industries- Presentation by José Miguel Mairén Virtualisation and Cloud Computing evolution- Any other business